Custom Mixes

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Concrete is something that you can use to fill a range of different needs. You need a service that understand this, and can provide the custom solution that’s the perfect fit for you. With our range of custom mixes, we can provide the concrete mix that you need for the job that you are faced with. Whether you need to install or repair roadside curbing or need readymix concrete for a big job, we are the concrete service that’s always here and ready to provide exactly what it is that you need.


Custom Mixes

With our wide selection of custom concrete mixes, our service can always provide what it is that you need. So, if you need something special for your job or project, you know that we can provide if for you. Whether you need kerb mix for a particular use, require readymix concrete or want mixing done on site, we are the concreters that you should call on first. On top of that, we can provide direct mix, premix and a selection of other options. So, whichever option is suitable for your needs or job, our team can provide it for you.


Kerb Mix

Our service is able to fully cater for a range of different specific needs that you may have when it comes to concrete. This includes being able to provide what’s known as kerb mix. Kerb mix is a concrete mix that’s been designed to fill a need when it comes to roadside curb construction and maintenance. It’s also the right option if you are looking to install other things such as garden edges or rolled gutters. This is just another way in which our service is always equipped to provide the concrete that you need.



Readymix concrete is another mix option that our service offers. This option is the perfect choice for large scale projects, such as high rise structures, where a large volume of concrete is required. That’s because it is delivered ready, doesn’t require any on site equipment and can be delivered easily in large quantities. In all, it can be a great way to get all the concrete that you need in a real hurry.
Although the readymix concrete price is slightly more expensive than other options, the range of benefits that it provides make it a cost effective option.


Mix On Site

Our service can also do mix on site. Mixing on site is usually a better option for low rise structures and for projects of a smaller scale, such as projects around your home. Basically any project where a smaller volume of concrete is necessary. With the experience of our service, you can be sure that our team can provide a quality mix that results in quality concrete that’s really designed to last and take on all the challenges that concrete surfaces can often face.

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